Harrisburg, PA-South 2nd Street

Guglielmo Botter


About the Artist

Guglielmo, an Italian-American citizen, was born in 1966 in Treviso, Italy and of the Botter family represents the fourth generation of artists. He started drawing with the ink pen at just 5 years old and exhibited his first solo show at 11, winning most of the competitions dedicated to budding artists. In 1980 he was the absolute winner, among 350,000 participants, of the XXII Stamp Day, promoted by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on the theme "My city": his drawing of Piazza Pola has become a postage stamp of the Italian Post Office, the first and, to this day the only one, dedicated to Treviso. Graduated as an architect in 1993, he combined his professional activity with a brief experience as an assistant in Architectural Design at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV) and then as a professor of Drawing and Surveying Techniques at the International University of Art in Venice (UIA). The serious economic crisis that hit the country forced him to rethink his future: in 2012 he suspended his activity as an architect and resumed his previous career as an artist, which in a short time led him to travel the world. For almost ten years he has mainly worked in the United States where his maternal ancestors had emigrated over a century earlier. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the city of his mother Lyù - also a painter - exhibited for the first time in 2013 and his drawings were published on the front page of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. That experience was followed by other solo exhibitions in Richmond and Norfolk in Virginia, Jasper, Columbus and Indianapolis in Indiana, New Castle, Lancaster and Harrisburg in Pennsylvania, Frederick in Maryland, Lexington in Kentucky ... A few years ago he also started designing German cities, exhibiting in Burghausen, Altötting and Freiburg.

The theme of the city has always accompanied Guglielmo from a young age and then as an architect. The preference for this subject has led him to travel far and wide, to always know and appreciate new places, to meet people, understand customs and habits, to appreciate the merits but also to accept the defects that, together, characterize a whole community. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the artist had to cancel four exhibitions already scheduled in the United States and Germany; at the beginning of 2021, the health emergency persisting, he decided to focus on the rare opportunities still circulating on the web, participating in some selections for "art residencies", choosing those that appeared to him to be the most interesting and best organized in Italy and abroad. In April he flew to Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia where, as a guest of the Art Studio Belgrade, he carried out research work on the historic city and modernist architecture, redesigning monuments and architecture in anticipation of a personal exhibition to be held next October 2021 at the Italian Cultural Institute of Belgrade. In May, Guglielmo visited Assisi, as a guest of the Art Studio Ginestrelle: his proposal, to draw the City of San Francesco in ink, aroused the interest of the Director Marina Merli who approved the ambitious project, which should end in autumn with a solo exhibition of the artist.

For a week, from 5 to 12 May, Guglielmo was seen wandering through the alleys of Assisi, with his travel notebook in hand, making ink sketches and taking photographs to support his project, accompanied by his young daughter Sofia Melissa, fresh student at the artistic high school of Treviso. The artist claims to draw inspiration from classical artists who saw drawing as a valid tool for studying reality: "My thoughts go to the Venetian Masters such as de Barbari, Canaletto and Piranesi. Their images, circulating in the ancient world, responding to the requests of travelers, have significantly contributed to the image of the city itself, being able to affirm that the Venice of the eighteenth century has no secrets for us, having been so meticulously documented. Art therefore, but also documentation of an era. It is with this spirit that I love to document the different cities in their current historical moment, whether they are Italian, European or American. Each has something to tell, the frenetic and disordered evolution, the changes dictated by socio-economic upheavals, the coexistence of ancient and modern, of beautiful and ugly, but also the protection of unique places which preserves a magical atmosphere of yesteryear…"

Solo Exhibit June 2021

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany- Martinstor - 2019

Treviso, Italy-San Parisio Square

Pittsburgh, PA- Allegheny County Courthouse and Old Jail - 2018

Indianapolis, IN- The Capitol of Indiana - 2018

Pittsburgh, PA-View from atop the Benedum_Trees Building - 2018

Harrisburg, PA-South 2nd Street

Norfolk, VA- The Naval Base Cruise - 2018

Ellicott City, MD a tiny american town