Annual International Contemporary Art Exhibit

Arte Studio Ginestrelle

On Thursday 23rd September, the annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2021, curated by Marina Merli, Arte Studio Ginestrelle, with the Patronage of the Municipality of Assisi, has been launched at the prestigious Art Gallery Le Logge, in the historical town of Assisi UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The exhibition will run until Sunday, 26th September

2021. Along with the authorities of the City of Assisi, the Mayor of Assisi Prof. Ing. Stefania Proietti, the Art Critics Prof. Giovanni Zavarella, the artist Guglielmo Botter (Italy/USA), the artist Alena Foustkova (Czech Republic), the translator Kristiina Drews, the translator and poet Hannimari Heino, the writer Juhani Ihanus and the artist Antero Toikka (Finland) were in attendance.

As every year, the English art catalog has been published and it includes the description of the projects developed by the worldwide artists and writers. Authors of visual and literary works: Caren Adorni (USA), Guglielmo Botter (Italy / USA), Marina Bucco (France), Jennifer Campbell (USA), Vincent Caranchini (USA), Kristiina Drews (Finland), Jessica Dunne (USA), Ronald Falzone (USA), Carla Forte (Venezuela / USA), Alena Foustkova (Czech Republic), Hannimari Heino (Finland), Janel Houton (USA), Juhani Ihanus (Finland), Mervi Kariniemi (Finland), Tapio Koivukari (Finland), Petra Korte (Germany) , Virginia Mallon (USA), Christine Mekhitarian (USA), Arad Navizi (Iran), Irina Poleshchuk (Finland), Rachel Pollack (USA), Kimmo Räntilä (Finland), Angelika Schmidt (Germany), Katharina Stoll (Germany), Anni Sumari (Finland), Alexey Taran (Cuba / USA), Antero Toikka (Finland), Riikka Johanna Uhlig (Finland), Salva Vakil-Zadeh (Iran / Turkey), Rachel Van Wylen (USA), María Verde-Muniesa (Luxembourg / Spain), Julia Way (USA), Keith Wilson RUA (Ireland).

The event, which belongs to the beautiful traditions of Assisi, represents a moment of International artistic dialog and exchange. The multiform exhibition brings together languages and forms in the city of St. Francis where words, images and sounds come together.

We sincerely thank the City of Assisi, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kustannusliike Parkko, The Fat Canary Journal and Gallery, and Open Road Creations.

The photo of some artists participating in the exhibition were taken by Renato Elisei.

For a copy of the Exhibit Catalogue please visit: